Company Profile

Online HR Spot is an ISO 9001: 2015 accredited and trademarked company that strives to improve the employability of the country's youngsters seeking a corporate career in the HR sphere.

This multi-award-winning firm is led by HR professionals with decades of experience working for major corporations.

Online HR Spot is a member of the IIHR, ISTD, AIMA, and AHRMIO, among other national and international organisations. For HR professionals, we are a one-stop career shop. We provide a wide range of practical training with real-world corporate scenarios.

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Online HR Spot is regarded as a premier HR Training and Placement firm situated in Kolkata. We guarantee that you will get what you want (within your given time frame).

  • Expertise that adds value during and after each project.
  • Execute each job with care and integrity.
  • Follow the client's code of ethics' rigorous guidelines.
  • Give a guarantee period for each and every solution you offer.
  • Working in collaboration with you.
  • Move past the problem statement and into your company goal.

Online HR Spot Placement Division

An incredible multidimensional team comprising some of the most dedicated, skilled individuals with decades of HR expertise with reputable and well-known organisations. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in the industries we service. We are committed to providing the best solution for your organization's Human Resources needs. Our services are provided throughout a large geographical area, including all marketplaces in India. Our team takes the time to get a complete grasp of your needs and is dedicated to providing unmatched quality and service in all areas of HR. Working with us entails more than just hiring, training, and paying candidates; it also entails contributing value to your issue statement and the solution delivered, as well as adding value to your organisation.

Online HR Spot Vision

Vision & Mission

Online HR Spot Vision

To be the most dependable, successful, committed and valued Online HR Functional Training Institute to provide fastest, unique and most effective solution to every human side of the business with a smile.

Our Values

Promptness | Passion | Innovation | Knowledge | Commitment

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